Race: Aasimar

Class: Gunslinger

Bio: I'm an angel with a rifle because my douchebag cousin stole my shotgun.

Offensive Tactics

With precise shot and (later: far shot), this ranged character likes to stay away from the front-lines and deal armor ignoring damage from a far with Dead Eye Deed if needed. Not to mention Highlander trait gives him stealth to also catch the enemy flat-footed.

Going down the Vital Strike feat progression, the Shot on the Run will be a crucial factor to his overall tactics.

Defensive Tactics

Nimble, Gunslinger's Dodge, Acrobatics, (later: Dodge, Mobility, Wind Stance, Lightning Stance) works really well against range attacks, and if needed to withdraw from the kill-zone. Very well-rounded in terms of defense.


At level 11, his feat advancement will be Angelic Wings.


During an encounter against a nightmare effect, he has died from con damage.

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