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Welcome to the Crywolf pathfinder Wiki[]

This is the Wiki based on the Pathfinder Campaign Which will detail the events and characters in the world. which will server as reminders to the players on contacts, enemies, quests, and important items that they will find throughout the game.

Lore and Information[]

Players, Monsters, NPCs[]

These links will take you to the Character stats and information.

Player Characters[]

-This will link you to a small page showing the information on each person's character their stats and their story


-This will show off the stats of monsters the party has faced off against and the details about any important monsters the party has bested.

NPC Characters[]

-This will show you the story and details about important NPCs the party has met or heard of. Showing what they know in general about very important characters they may or may not meet.

Item listings, Wealth.[]

These links will send you to items the party has found ranging from important items to starting equipment. It will give you up to date details about what the part knows for their equipment.

Item listing by characters[]

Overall wealth by characters[]

Mapping and Locations.[]

These links will direct you to locations around the map and information about said locations Lore, important NPC's, characters actions in said area's can all be found here. The links will show you areas in which you will find cities or towns.

Walled Towns population between 500-1000.[]

Walled Cities Population between 1000-2500.

Reference Homebrew Database[]

Here you will find player made and DM made content such as monsters, archetype, classes and races.

Crywolf Bestiary

Crywolf Player handbook

Latest activity[]

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