Dante Mortel, Black marketeer, Assassin, huge homosexual. Edit

Met first by Zokala Arcana (played by James) this egotistical villain sits on the highest horse. Even if he has to cripple every other horse. Little is known about his past as of yet, his family is a mystery. A plain human with seemingly no allegiance to any side, however he seems to stay close to other humans.

Name: Dante (Dante) Mortel

Race: Human




Present: living in Fixes Tavern run by Severa Blight, he operates by meeting with people who walk into the bar and sending them on the mission from which he will take ten percent. Anyone who knows of him and that he is in the tavern says he hasn't left in months. Currently controlling a huge portion of the black market, his power however is starting to waver and his crime web is starting to break. He seeks to regain control.

Favored weapon: Katana.

Dislikes: Ugly people.

Likes: Men, blood, weapons.

Character opinions (written by players):

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