Garad Edit

This port town is walled and has a number of standing military men and women. There are competing Inns and Blacksmiths which harbor a dislike towards each other creating a political tension between the races. the Dwarvan Black smith Valdeas has the backing of the Dwarf people in the town and have small quarrels with the Orcish Black smith Bran Ironboot, who has the goblin and orc kin support. There is also a huge tension between the Dragon Eye and Grave Fellow inns which stand beside each other in a popular part of town. These two inns host only the highest paying nobles holding the highest standards. The Dragon Eye Sides with Iron boot and Grave fellow has chosen to side with the Valdeas. A third group has recently shown up, House of Glory in which is mostly Elven in staff has many people politically which the other two groups dislike. forcing them into a conflict they do not wish to be a part of.

Population and Factions Edit

The population stands at average 600 residents and 200 travelers, workers or slaves at any point.

The IronBoot faction led by Bran Ironboot (orc) represents the Orcish people of the town.

The Valdeas faction led by Valdeas Stonebeard (Dwarf) represents the Dwarvan and gnomish people of the town.

The House of Glory Faction led by Sir Greenleaf (Elf) Represents the Elven People of the town

A large section of the town is neutral.

Local News Edit

-Local Farmer has lost control of the scarecrows meant to protect his farm from predictors. Livestock now killed the farm has been abandoned.

-Long since dried out mine has been taken over by a clan of Orges who like to keep pets. Seemingly peaceful a few cases of children going missing has towns people on edge.

-Missing Ironboot supply shipment blamed on Valdeas, Valdeas blames the House of Glory. Shipment and supplies still missing.

-Local Wizard Zanzil has been commissioned by a powerful General in Gloom port of weaponry

-Bran Ironboot now father to Twins.

-Trusk, Garad's Duke, found guilty of raising the dead, leading noble of the town yet to be decided.

Important People Edit

Bran Ironboot: Owner of the Ironboot Blacksmith Leader of the Ironboot (Dwarvan) Faction.

John Danson: Singular rural farm owner, lost his farm's livestock to mechanical scarecrows.

Zanzil Grim: Local Wizard of Garad, seemingly very powerful.

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