Koro Edit

"Hello friend, I buy and sell goods and bads!" ~ Koro

Exiled from his home in the elvish southern forest for baring the tainted blood his father so foolishly put in his veins, Koro made a name for himself as a nobles court wizard, practicing very... unpopular dark arts. When the Drow took over his profession became more black market where he became of use to a influential human male named Dante. Now he sells small trinkets and makes more powerful objects as wards for Dante's men. Sometimes he'll make items that Dante will use as payment for jobs which wouldn't have inherent pay.

Severa Blight a bar owner at the docks seems to be regular business partners with Koro buying and trading goods which offer good look or ward evil spirits. if anything else is being traded it is under the table and not very well known.

Game Statistics Edit

Name: Koro (The exile) ???

Race: Half Elf Half ???

Age: 27

Class: Wizard, Necromancer.

past: ??? - Worked as a court wizard.

Present: works in a voodoo shop in the residential district.

Favored weapon: Dagger.

Dislikes: Religion.

Likes: Everything.

HP: 50 (???)

Level: 7

AC: 18 (???)

combat: ?Dagger +4 (1d4+6/x3)

Stats: ???

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