Weapons Edit

Simple Weapons:

+1 Dagger

+1 Sickle

+1 Long spear

+1 Morning star

Martial weapons:

+1 longsword, +5 range to sight

+1 Battleax, + 5 movement speed for 18 seconds once per day, Command word "Aina"

+1 Rapier, +1 to hit against goblin kind

+1 Falchion, +1 to hit against Cr 3-5 monsters

+1 longbow, +5 to range during day

Exotic weapons:

+1 Bastard Sword, Speak to small burrowing vermin mammals

+1 Spiked chain, +1 will saves

+1 Curve Elven Blade, +1 against orge kin

+1 Hand Cross bow, After 5 bolts will form a magical bolt that will not expend a normal bolt. all stats are the same.

Armors Edit

Light armor:

+1 padded


+1 Hide of +25 lbs

+1 chain mail


+1 Splint mail, +1 ac against goblin kind.


+1 Light steel

+1 Heavy Steel

Accessories Edit


Ring of 1 extra wizard spell

Ring of understanding, +1 sense motive checks

Ring of 1 extra healing spell

Ring of swift movement. Unaffected by uneven terrain for 5 feet. Command word "Flickt"


Necklace of swift speech, +1 diplomacy

Necklace of fear removal, +1 will save against fear

Necklace of Anti hate, Changes the attitude of one humanoid with int of 10 or less in your favor.


Bracers of improved grip, +1 to saves against disarms

Bracers of cash gain, +1 diplomacy checks with bartering

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