Important Global Characters[edit | edit source]

These are people who would be well known on a global level to some degree. Information is limited to their position and a short history. More will become known as the game is played.

Dante Mortel

Met characters[edit | edit source]

These are characters the party has met and interested with. from a simple farmer they learned the name of to the Drow queen herself, every character the group the meets finds it's way to this list. This list will also remind the group how they met this person and the person's current standing with the group.

Durrow city:[edit | edit source]

Dante Mortel

Severa Blight

Koro The Exile

Dead Characters[edit | edit source]

Friends or enemies of the party that have passed away throughout the story.

Factions[edit | edit source]

This is similar to above however you will be able to see where the NPC's stand as far as factions are concerned. it will give you all the information from above but organized by factions.

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