Appearance Edit

Osrik Brimslag is of average height and weight for a dwarf, 4'2" and 185 lbs. His most distinguishing features are his well-groomed knee-length beard and the dark blue woad tattooed across his scarred face. Equipped with hide armor and a kilt, though he no longer resides in the mountains he still holds close ties to his clan and even returns now and then.

Background and Personality Edit

Osrik was raised in the mountains, of course, but felt his home to be too crowded. Not being much of a people person, he left his home and struck out on his own to seek his fortune elsewhere. Through a complicated series of events he fell into bounty hunting and found it suited him quite nicely. His reputation has preceded him amongst the type of people to hire bounty hunters as he has become known for his discretion and efficiency; Osrik gets the job done quickly and without asking questions.

The dwarf doesn't ask questions simply because he doesn't care. He doesn't know what his target did to get a bounty placed on his head, he simply knows that the person placing the bounty is paying him a handsome sum to find them and bring them in usually dead or alive. Osrik could be considered lawful neutral in this way, simply doing for himself.

In Combat Edit

Osrik favors two-weapon fighting above all else, typically with a light hammer in one hand and a battleaxe in the other. He also carries a bolo for when a target needs to be brought in alive. Between his strength, dexterity, and his armor he doesn't worry too much about being wounded, but he keeps a springloaded dagger in his wrist sheath just in case.

Miscellaneous Edit

See this sheet for statistics, armor, equipment, etc.

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