Severa Blight Edit

This kind, well armored tavern owner runs Fixes Tavern, taking in people of all races there is something more than meets the eyes to this red headed girl. Best friends with a lumbering Orc who is large even by the green skinned Orc standards, Grubstitch and a foul mouthed chief Darrek Meatcleaver, a dwarf with strong connection to the spirits of animals. These three run the Tavern and Inn and seem to be related somehow to the Black marketeer Dante Martel by more than just a safe house for him to stay.

Name: Severa (Severa) Blight.

Race: Half Elf Half Human.



Past: ??

Present: Owner of Fixes Tavern.

Favored weapon: Longsword.

Dislikes: People messing up her bar.

Likes: impaling the weak on a spear and watching them die.

HP: 30

Level: ???

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