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Sorin Starcall is a highly intelligent elven magus with a flair for the dramatic. His arcane mentor, the long-dead wizard Varonis, instilled in him that the core of arcane ritual is emotion and style, and fighting without either is not fighting at all. As such, Sorin endeavors to hone his flashy combat techniques and search for his One True Purpose. This search has led him to the port city of Garad, where his true story begins.

In Combat Edit

Sorin is a pure Magus, a class with the armor capabilities of the Bard that ignore arcane spell failure, the destructive arcane potential of the Wizard, and the martial capabilities of the Fighter. Primarily, Sorin is able to cause a variety of effects and elemental damage through his weapon of choice, the longsword. Because he's able to use his Arcane Pool to re-prepare spent spells as a swift action, he can keep a wide array of effects prepared and still spam whichever one seems most relevant.

The most interesting trick in his arsenal is the ability to both cast a spell and attack in the same round as a full attack action, meaning he can either load up a touch attack and get two swings in with it or, if he has a touch attack already waiting, cast True Strike for a pretty much guaranteed hit.

Although Shield helps, Sorin's main downside is that he's fairly fragile, at least until magus levels allow him heavier armor. However, even if he has to retreat from the front lines, his spellbook contains a number of ranged options that can be used to contribute until the very end. One of Sorin's many tricks is that he's able to convert any ray-based spell into a touch attack upon casting, so he can prepare ranged spells and use them for melee if necessary. It also means he can apply powerful effects like that of Ray of Enfeeblement onto his sword.

Finally, Sorin has a spell called Mirror Strike, which allows him to split his next melee attack in half (assuming he overcomes both their AC's), which means that he can spread touch spells onto multiple targets. While Sorin may lack the typical AoE powers of other arcane casters, that's not to say he's useless against multiple foes. In fact, Sorin can potentially have a touch attack, Mirror Strike and True Strike all active at the same time.

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